Blue Island Beach Resort

About Us

Blue Island and its inception. Let's go years back to share a short story from where we started. My grandfather was a fishermen and so was my father stationed right at the property where Blue island is setup today. Over a span a many years we have been living our usual life and things were quite good for us. With the growth of Andaman Tourism and specifically Havelock Island, we thought of setting up a property that provides space and comfort to travellers on visit to Havelock Island. The beach that Blue Island offers in Havelock Island is unmatched, not even the most of the luxurious properties in Havelock Island has this kind of beach experience. Having said that, our sould motto is to cater to travelers who are looking for the best beach experience in Havelock Island along with good clean rooms that are not overpriced.

With Blue Island beach resort what we can assure is that you will for sure get a Havelock dream vacation come true.

Our Location

With Blue Island beach resort you have an immense advantage of the best beach to swim in Havelock Island. The waves are not hard on you and its very vast and open. The property is spacious, so you have ample space in the property to spend private moments with your loved one.

Our Team

We are a team of enthusiasts having good taste to travel across India. We Dive, we ride and we enjoy the experience at Havelock. You will surely enjoy Blue Island if you have a good taste to travel.