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Havelock Island Best Beach Resort With Good Open Space

Havelock island is the most famous island in the Andaman Islands, and Blue Island beach resort is undoubtedly the best beach resort for travellers. Blue island resort is not extensively expensive as many other property with not as great beach that our. The beach of the Blue Island beach resort is exotic, and you will not find the same experience even in many luxury properties in Havelock Island. Apparently, most beaches resorts in Havelock Island doesnot have very good beach, however, The belt of Beach Number 5 Offers exotic experience of the beach. If you are looking into a good beach property experience in Havelock Island, then Blue Island Beach Resort Should Be Your Pick.

Located in Beach Number 5, Blue Island beach resort is located at a very peaceful location in Havelock Island. The property is very spacious and you get ample space for you and your loved ones. We invite you personally to come and visit one the best Beach Resort in Havelock Island on Budget. With an amazing private beach, your Havelock Island experience for sure will be enhanced.

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Blue Island Beach Resort
Best Resort On Budget
Lobster Cave Restaurant Havelock
Lobster Cave Restaurant
Best Beach in Havelock
Very Spacious Property
Located at Vijaynagar Beach - Havelock Island
Located Privately in Havelock
Standard AC Room Havelock
Standard AC Room